Are you an entrepreneur struggling to break through to the next level?

Your skills and tenacity have gotten you established, but you've got some mindset blocks that are keeping you from growing.

Let's change that together.

You're in the right place if this sounds like you...

  • You have a burning desire to make lasting, positive impact at home, work and/or in your community
  • You're feeling stagnant and are ready to take action to change your situation
  • You've lost momentum in changing an area of your life and want to get back on track
  • You have limiting beliefs and self-doubt that hold you back and want to change your thoughts
  • You're unsure about what you really want and desire clarity
  • You want to be a better leader and are ready for major personal growth


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Together, we can help you conquer all the lies your brain tells you.

I sincerely believe that we each have purpose and untapped potential. The key lies in understanding the way think about ourselves and our abilities. Our thoughts have the power to keep us caged in the self-limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are able to influence and impact.

I have first-hand experience of the knowing what can happen when you allow negative thoughts to dictate what you do. On the flip-side, I also know how positive thoughts can welcome the right opportunities to foster growth in the different areas of our lives. Amazing results are achieved when we transform the way we think. 

As an executive coach and trainer with over two decades of experience working in leader development, it is my passion to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams in nonprofit, government and private sector organizations discover how to communicate more effectively, improve relationships, and achieve personal and professional goals.

It is my purpose and joy to add value by having the opportunity to get to know you and helping you achieve your goals!

I'm also an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, a certified DISC trainer and consultant, a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner, and an Emergenetics Associate.

Personal growth takes serious commitment and time. As your coach, I understand that the investment in yourself at this time is because you are ready to overcome the obstacles that have held you caged for a while now. The coaching process takes time which is why two initial bundles are offered to you.

Whether you may be new to having a coach for the first time or you're just ready to go all in, we have options for you:

6 Coaching Sessions

$1400 USD

Payment plan available HERE.


12 Coaching Sessions

$2750 USD

Payment plan available HERE.


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